Any tips for streamlining/automating insurance billing? Is for nothing but COVID tests

I’m a provider that does bulk COVID testing and nothing else. Currently pay 6% to a company that’s a total black box, no visibility into status, very slow to bill. Have done over 20,000 COVID tests and need something more efficient. All data is in our homemade portal (yes, HIPAA compliant) and we can easily export all patient info alongside insurance details. It would be trivial to link it up with a Python script and do something with it. It’s the something that I’m not sure about. Is there some sort of service we can ping with an API to submit claims to insurers? Every claim is basically the same diagnostic code and test. It would be easy to add a data field that tracks claim statuses or something. Just trying to see if there’s a better option than what we are doing now. Thank you.
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