Sufism Reoriented Sanctuary


An Exceptional Green Roof

After more than half a century in temporary quarters, Sufism Reoriented
now has a permanent home in Walnut Creek, California. Designed under
the guidance of Murshida Carol Weyland Conner by the distinguished
architectural firm of Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie,
the new sanctuary is set among serene gardens on three acres of land in
a suburban neighborhood about twenty-five miles east of San Francisco.

Alan Ritchie’s design perfectly realized Murshida Carol Weyland Conner’s vision. Brought to fruition by the Architect of Record, Soga + Associates Architect Inc,
this beautiful design is to endure for over 700 years. The building is
innovative in many ways, from its curved marble cladding from Carrera,
Italy, to its climate control with state-of-art air filtering systems,
to its Green Roof composition with 100% recycled Foam Glass Gravel  engineered by Jorg Breuning , Owner of Green Roof Service LLC
, to its storm water management with rain harvesting features to retain
the entire annual rainfall, to its 33 feet tall hollow bronze sculpture
with seismic base isolators and acrylic butterflies, standing inside of
a 3-story tall room with curved glass guardrails.

With highly experienced architectural services and project management
by Clement T. Soga, Soga + Associates Architects Inc, the Sanctuary’s
construction began on May 24, 2012 and its Ribbon Cutting ceremony was
held on February 24, 2017.


Green Roof Service LLC – Green Roof Technology worked hand in hand
with Sufism Reoriented, Soga + Associates Architects Inc, and SWA Group Landscape Architecture to
create a Green Roof solution that perfectly mimics the natural soil
horizons with materials that will last thousands of years without
compromising or limiting healthy growth of any vegetation at any time.
Jensen Landscape carefully implemented the details and specifications of
this new type of Green Roof under the direction of Jorg Breuning.  It
is the first Green Roof in North America that utilizes Foam Glass Gravel
made of 100% recycled glass on a large scale.  The ultra-lightweight
material performs as a drainage and retention layer combined with
outstanding structural capacities. Foam Glass Gravel is produced in the
USA and in Germany according to the strict specifications of Green Roof
Service LLC – Green Roof Technology.      

27th February 2017

Jorg Breuning

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