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We all must have heard about warts, but only a few know how to tackle them and what are the precautionary measure while you are having warts at your feet. In some cases, when they become annoying, you might need to visit the doctor too. In fact, a skin specialist – Dermatologist can help you get rid of warts quite faster if you have contacted the best skin care specialist for this concern.
Before we move on to the actual home remedies and clinical treatments for warts removal, let’s understand warts first.
What are warts?
Warts are an outgrowth of a rough textured skin-like material on your skin. They usually occur in the form of spots, and moles, but they are rough and itchy too but not always. Warts appear on your feet, hands, or even at the back.
You will be surprised to know that the reason behind worst, is not a fungus, but a virus. It is called the human papilloma virus. The main reason why people are so annoyed by this is the embarrassment they feel. It is highly contagious, and you might have seen that if there is someone in a family having warts, then there are potential chances that the family members would also get it. So, if you do not want to feel embarrassed because of these warts, then it is better to visit a doctor.
Which type of warts is harmful?
Not all type of warts is harmful, these are even painless, just a few warts which occur around the female genitals are quite harmful and dangerous too. They can lead to cervical cancer. The moment you realize that you have the genital wart rush to the doctor for proper treatment.
Best way to treat the Plantar Warts- Swift Treatment
The most reliable, fast, and safe way to treat Plantar warts is the Microwave Swift treatment. The treatment will work without even damaging the skin through the microwaves. You can learn more about the Swift microwave treatment for plantar warts on soundmedtech and also on where the experts and doctors have explained everything in depth.
How can you treat warts at home?
Treating warts at home requires a lot of determination, there is no quick home remedy for warts, you need to apply whatever solution you have created again and again to treat warts. Consider the following treatments for warts.
Freezing treatment
It is a relatively faster treatment for warts, these solutions are easily available at the drug store and pharmacy. The freezing treatment would kill the damaged skin, and it will ultimately make you free from warts. However, it is not an effective solution for all kinds of warts, you might need to consider a few others as well. The freezing treatment spray is a mixture of propane, and dimethyl ether.
Duct tape
This treatment is a very interesting one, and people often seem fascinated with it, they are more concerned to see if this works than to get rid of the issue. You do not have to do much, simply cover the wart with duct tape, let it sit there for a few days, now uncover the wart, and rub it. it will eventually come off.
The salicylic acid patches
There are several acne treatment salicylic acid patches available in the market. Grab one from the drug store. It is a long process, and you need to be persistent. Apply the patch every day on the wart until it peels off. It is better to follow this remedy when your feet are properly moisturized. You should try soaking the feet in water for almost 20 minutes before applying it.
Things to consider while following home remedies for warts removal

As warts are very contagious, so you must not use the tools anywhere else.
Always clean the utensils used for warts.
Do not treat warts yourself without consulting the doctor if you have diabetes.
Do not remove warts from the sensitive areas or face alone or without a mirror. It will have permanent marks.

So these were some of the main points and info that you should know and follow if you have warts.
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