Can voice-based AI help patients with diabetes move more quickly towards optimal insulin dosing? According to a Nayak et al. (2023) study out today in JAMA Network Open, the answer is yes.

Question  Can a voice-based conversational artificial intelligence (AI) application help patients with type 2 diabetes titrate basal insulin at home to achieve rapid glycemic control?Findings  In this randomized clinical trial that included 32 adults with type 2 diabetes requiring initiation or adjustment of basal insulin, participants who used a voice-based conversational AI application had a significantly improved time to optimal insulin dose (median, 15 days vs >56 days) and insulin adherence (83% vs 50%) compared with participants receiving standard of care.Meaning  Patient-facing, voice-based conversational AI applications can help patients with type 2 diabetes quickly achieve basal insulin dose optimization.

A lot of exciting innovation happening in the health care and technology space!

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