Whatever Covid-tested holiday parties you’re attending we hope when they’ve ended you’ll fall on your knees and sing along to The Agitator’s favorite carol.

Once  again, for our 15th  Christmas Eve, and into our 16th year, we invite you to share our most enduring (only? ) Agitator tradition and  enjoy this unforgettable rendition of O Holy Night.

As we’ve noted before, this performance makes Tom Belford, for 11 years our stalwart co-editor weep, as it takes him back to Midnight Mass and his Catholic grammar school choir days. Fortunately , there are not many people still around who have heard Tom’s schoolboy rendition of this, his favorite carol. Even more fortunate, none of those can any longer track him down at The Agitator.

We guarantee this experience will make you fall on your knees too. But you must listen to the entire performance to feel its full power. No irreverence intended.

O Holy Night

Happy Holidays … we hope this magnificent effort inspires you to hit the high notes in 2022.

Roger and Kevin

P.S. We didn’t dare associate our other Agitator and DonorVoice colleagues with this … they still have honorable reputations to protect. But they sure send their season’s regards as well!

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