Abbott to Launch App to Track and Report Pain Relief in Chronic Pain Patients

What You Should Know:

– Abbott launches new app, NeuroSphere myPath that will
allow patients to record their pain relief during the device trial period with
spinal cord stimulation or dorsal root ganglion therapy, simplify reporting
outcomes and connect patients to physicians who have real-time access to this

– NeuroSphere myPath will be available in the Apple App
Store in the coming weeks and will be compatible with the latest iOS operating

Abbott announced the
upcoming launch of NeuroSphere™ myPath™, a digital health app designed to track
and report on patient perceived pain relief and general well-being associated
with spinal cord stimulation (SCS) or dorsal root ganglion (DRG) therapy.
During the device trial period required before the permanent implant, the app
allows patients to record their outcomes on pain and well-being while trialing
their neurostimulation therapy.

NeuroSphere myPath Background

Abbott’s NeuroSphere myPath is a digital innovation
that will provide relief to the millions of Americans currently living with
chronic pain that are eligible for SCS or DRG therapy. This new digital health
app will allow patients to use their Apple mobile device to connect with Abbott support,
access educational resources and track the progress of their trial pain relief

Prior to committing to full implantation of a
neuromodulation device, patients undergo a trial period to test device
capabilities and capacity for pain relief. During the trial, temporary leads
are placed and connected to an external generator, allowing patients to
experience firsthand the impact of neuromodulation on their chronic pain and
related symptoms.

Why It Matters

Chronic pain can negatively impact personal relationships,
work productivity and a person’s daily routine. Abbott is a global leader in
the development of chronic pain therapy solutions, offering radiofrequency
therapy and spinal cord stimulation therapy solutions, including radiofrequency
ablation generators and accessories, BurstDR™ stimulation, and dorsal root
ganglion stimulation in the portfolio of chronic pain treatments.

“The current digital healthcare landscape has revolutionized our ability to provide direct care for patients whenever they need,” said Shachi Patel, M.D., interventional pain management physician and owner of Delmarva Pain and Spine Center in Newark, Del. “By providing patients with a more seamless, easier way to record their progress during the trial period, Abbott’s NeuroSphere myPath app will enable an enhanced communication experience while providing patients with further insight on their overall outcomes and response to neuromodulation.”


The NeuroSphere myPath will be available on the Apple App
Store in the coming weeks and is expected to be available on Android devices in
Q2 2021.

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