A “Thank you” to our healthcare workers near and far from Action Products

Action Products would like to send a thank you to our partners and customers locally and worldwide for their dedication in helping others during this challenging time. For 50 years we have been serving the healthcare industry and we have seen firsthand the ongoing commitment that healthcare workers have for their patients.
Before this pandemic changed our lives, we were celebrating 2020-The Year of the Nurse. We were acknowledging the sacrifices and dedication of nurses as true advocates for their patients. To nurses worldwide, we thank you.
In addition to the nurses, we would like to thank the doctors, respiratory therapists and the support staff who all play a crucial role in the care of patients. Now, more than ever, we have witnessed endless examples of their selfless dedication and commitment to protecting life and giving solace to those they cannot save. While they are in the spotlight now, they have always been heroes to us.
In Solidarity,
Your Action Products Team

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