7 Reasons why cloud-based Hospital/Clinic software will replace server solution

7 Reasons, Why Cloud-based Hospital Software will Replace Server Solution
Digital Health, heading towards AI! how can the decade-old system help your org to move ahead?
Why stay behind now?A decade ago, the server-based solution was the king and it was the only choice. Now, the cloud-based solution which built on some very different fundamentals that you can not imagine a server solution is capable of providing.
We keep, Money in the bank, not in home. Why patient data at your practice? What made you think that patient data is insecure in the cloud, it is just an orthodox misconception.
The cloud computing centers are a very secure environment with the highest data security measures with tons of infra and security compliance in place.

Security: Without high-spend, world-class infrastructure & security compliances, your patient data at your server in the hospital is at risk of theft and unauthorized accesses. Risk of natural disasters is there as well. Everyone thinks that the server in the hospital means data is with you. I feel it is riskier and prone to data misuse unless you spend those lakhs and crores to create a most secured infra at your hospital. But why 😑

Costs: The cloud-based solutions lead to big savings 😃 There is no Capx. Cloud-based system charges a monthly subscription fee and no cost for the system updates. On the other hand, server solutions require a huge investment in servers, hardware, security infrastructure, and software installation plus IT team cost which is a huge cost to the hospital.

Implementation:Implementation cost for cloud is lower than server based. Any computer in a server-based model must be connected to the in-house server, and each system requires hardware and software installation. Cloud only requires a strong internet connection. Enabling users and onboarding them is instant in the cloud model. For upgrades is seamless in the cloud and instantly available for the users to use. In Server-based, it takes ages to system upgrades. You stay with legacy!

Innovation:The DNA of the cloud system is to stay ahead in technology, market, and they do huge investment in R&D. Cloud has a smaller release cycle and also faster user adaption which makes them catchup in tech & market. Server-based systems usually carry the legacy and changes take a very long time to deliver and incorporate in their clientele and hence advancement is very slow.

Accessibility: Cloud-based software can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection & proper verification. It is like accessing your online banking. If server-based computers crash, patient data can be lost and also you can not access from anywhere unless the computers are connected. This is a bottleneck to any hospital. The cloud-based system is most reliable due to top-notch and high-security data centers with continuous backups in various geo locations makes it more reliable. This allows providers and hospital staff to work with each other collaboratively and also with the highest efficiency.

Integration and Interoperability:The digital health requires theses two elements. Your software must be able to talk to other software to provide additional benefits, an increase in operational & business segments, deliver a new and innovative value proposition to your patients, etc. Cloud enables integration & Interoperability. The more integration, the more powerful ways are there to amplify your hospitals in all departments & business focus areas. Server-based can not integrate easily and poses a huge bottleneck in hospital growth, could lead to hostile env in the hospital. Interoperability, you health information systems should be able to work together to advance the effective delivery of healthcare for your customers. Any government compliance requires Interoperability in systems.

Supports Growth:The market is coming up with new innovation in health care delivery, advanced diagnostic and also new practices. Your hospital is growing and expanding and also adapting the market trends. The cloud-based system evolves faster and supports such growth factors with parallel innovation. Server-based can not provide such support. Once you bought you are with it and upgrades are no up to the market standard.

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