Imagine waking up early in the morning with unbearable tooth pain; not a situation anyone of us would like to be in…. right?
Dental emergencies can be tough; not because of their occurrence, but the way people choose to deal with them. Although it is to be noted that a lot of dental issues can be avoided or diagnosed on time before things turn ugly if you visit the dentist regularly.
Visiting a dentist on priority can help in sighting a quick solution and work as damage control. Emergency dental care is required mostly in an unexpected manner; there may be times when a tooth is knocked off due to a sudden accident or it may even happen at a gradual pace where the decaying happens through a time phase.
Following are 6 important tips that can help prevent a dental dilemma:
Practice Daily Dental Hygiene:
Regular flossing and brushing are extremely essential to maintain healthy teeth and gum structure. There are bacterias accumulating due to the food residuals in the mouth; they begin the tooth and gum decaying process within a few hours. This decaying encourages infection to the gums and teeth leading to a potential need for an emergency dentist visit.
Mouthguards are advantageous to all; especially sports personalities as they indulge in their games. It is an effective way to guard teeth against any kind of damage; in the case of boxers, for example, the mouthguards help in absorbing heavy impacts from the punches.
Mouthguards are a must during recreational activities which pose a higher risk of dental health damage.
Watch your meals:
We all know that an extensive intake of sweets such as crackers, chocolates, candies, and starchy food items is unhealthy for our dental health. However, beverages like tea, coffee, juices, and alcohol (especially) also make it to a similar list of liquids that can cause problems decay, or weakening of teeth-causing up to emergency tooth removal in some cases.
Food particles often are stuck between the teeth and cause greater issues like residuals in case of a missing tooth. It is always important to watch one’s diet as hard and crunchy eatables can cause immense damage and show up suddenly that would need emergency dental care. It is better that we avoid food items that require extra force to chew.  
Sealants are transparent, plastic covers painted to the surface of the teeth-especially to the molars. It is very helpful in preventing dental illness in kids, however, they are equally effective with adults as well. Plaque forms in between the gaps of teeth due to the food debris getting collected and their reaction with bacteria present in the mouth.
Sealants are very important for kids who are still learning about dental care and its importance on overall well-being.
Routine Dental visits:
A visit to the dentist regularly (at least twice a year) for dental examination and clearing purposes is a must. It is their professional approach and availability of the right tools that get rid of the rigid plaque deposits; which otherwise are tough to deal with.   Irregularities in visiting dentists can prove to be risky as the occurrence of cavities and hazards to the gums are too high.
A dentist is a qualified person to properly examine oral health for signs of cavities or any other decaying symptoms. Procedures like bonding gap teeth for uneven gaps between teeth can only be successfully conducted by an experienced dentist.
Constant supply for vitamins enables proper maintenance of teeth and gums-providing a healthy oral structure. Vitamin A, B, and C along with portions of minerals help in keeping gums healthier which are less prone to bleeding and decaying-this supply prevents the risk of periodical dental illnesses and avoids potential suffering.
Vitamin D and calcium available in various food sources and capsules work very well in strengthening and keeping the teeth deep-rooted.
For dental treatments like emergency tooth removal and care between before and after teeth bonding: it is important to get constant advice from a professional dental expert with scores of experience.
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