5 Simple Apps For Health Professionals for Efficiency

Technology nowadays is aiming at every aspect of our lives, and so it goes for the healthcare system. Doctors and those who want a healthcare career are also relying on software applications a lot, and they’ll do it even more in the near future.

There are so many situations these days when you go to the doctor and you’re given a survey on an electronic device.  We’re all familiar with those situations, and they only confirm that the healthcare system is going through a process of technological evolution.

Feel free to check out the five simple apps for health professionals that will improve efficiency:


Many medical professionals are relying a lot on the Epocrates app, and they have some strong reasons for it. Epocrates is a versatile software packed with a multitude of features that can be used in pretty much any medical environment.  You’ll need to register an account to use Epocrates and have a smartphone that runs on either Android and iOS. The app also stands out because it offers tons of information about drugs and drug interactions. If there are harmful interactions that occur if a patient starts taking a new pill, Epocrates will solve the mystery.


Andaman7 allows the user to track his medical information and store it all in one place. With this app, you can keep track of vaccinations, medical imaging, test results, visits to the doctor, nutrition, and more. The process is very simple, and it will skip a lot of paperwork. Andaman7 lets the user add documents by taking pictures of them with the phone’s camera.


CareZone is another useful app that helps the patient to remain organized so the professional health workers will understand his situation a lot better. The patient’s past history and if he is currently taking any meds are crucially important pieces of information, and CareZone allows keeping track of medications and dosages in a very accurate way. The app helps you to remember when you need to take meds and if you already took them, and it will even be scanning your prescriptions.

You can use CareZone entirely for free, but there’s a big downside: it’s available only for iPhones.


Just like many other people, health professionals may also need to manipulate PDFs and other document files. The online Lua app present at GetLua.com is a very handy tool that can be used to instantly compress, merge, and convert PDFs to and from other formats, and it offers a ton of other benefits. The PDF reports can be edited using PDF to Word converter which can be again converted back to Word to PDF without losing it’s format or quality. Lua is easily deductible due to its friendly interface, and any files that you’ve uploaded will shortly be automatically deleted from the app’s servers. In this way, you won’t have to worry about any data security.

DynaMed Plus

Clinicians can rely on DynaMed Plus to get instant insights on multiple cases when they are too busy. This app provides access to complete information on different medical topics, and there’s also the advantage of a very user-friendly interface. It doesn’t matter if your phone runs on Android or iOS – it will surely be compatible with DynaMed Plus!

DynaMed is designed to facilitate patient care in an efficient and evidence-based way. Physicians have reviewed daily and rigorous medical literature to ensure that timely and objective analysis, guidance and synthesis will be at the users’ disposal.

The mobile era is becoming more and more prevalent, as smartphones even replace laptops and desktop computers in many situations. The same goes on for doctors as well, and the future can only be in favour of these handy little gadgets that we all love. From a number of 5.11 billion unique mobile users that were reported worldwide in 2019, about 2.71 billion of them were also smartphone users.
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