5 Negative Effects Of Anxiety On Your Body: By Mental Health Experts

– Your heart is beating faster than the usual rate!
– You are losing all sense of control!
– Suddenly, your palms are sweaty!
– You see, black!
This means you are getting a panic attack!
This is the worst-case scenario when someone is suffering from anxiety. Getting panic attacks is painful, both physically and mentally, yet not many people want to talk about it.
It always makes us wonder when we will leave these stigmas behind.
Well, we are taking the first initiative and educating you about anxiety!
– Anxiety is not about people just being nervous and not being able to communicate that.
– Anxiety is not simply about someone not being able to calm down.
– Anxiety is definitely not someone trying to falsely seek attention.
You would be able to tell the difference between the real one and the facade. The anxiety treatment in Singapore says so.
Believe us!
So, if you know someone who is suffering from anxiety, it is high time that you lend them your supportive hand.
Why We Need To Remove Stigma Around Anxiety
There are a lot of stigmas that are attached to anxiety, some of which are mentioned above.
These shouldn’t exist in the 21st century when we have already identified psychology as a different branch of study and scientifically proved that our mind is correlated to our physical health.
Vis a vis, the way we feel will affect our body.
Here is why we need to remove stigmas around anxiety.

It makes the patients blame themselves for something they have no control over.
Because of the shame attached to the stigma, patients are reluctant to get help from professionals.
They fear they will be judged or misunderstood if they talk about it.
They also fear being not taken seriously or isolated because of the ‘problem’ that they carry around with themselves.
While all these isolation and misjudgments don’t help to cure their anxiety.

Five Negatives Effects Of Anxiety
These are the five extreme ways our body and mind are affected by anxiety, and this is why immediate help is required when someone is suffering from this.
1. Chest Pain
This is a gentle reminder that your mental problems don’t always remain in the confines of the mind.
Sometimes they can crawl out and affect the body as well. Anxiety is a not very good example of it.
Anxiety doesn’t come with an invitation, and the constant heart palpitation can cause increasing chest pain.
2. Fatigue
People who suffer from anxiety attacks on a daily basis can have this chronic fatigue latched to their bodies.
This constant hormonal rush can be merciless to your body, and it can eventually make you feel really exhausted. It is because the mind is never at rest, and it is always tired.
3. Excessive Overthinking, Which Can Be An Obstruction
Talking about the mind never being at rest is because the patient is always thinking. They are thinking about everything said by every person in a span of a day because anxiety never has an apparent reason.
At times anxiety patients can suddenly recall embarrassing moments that happened ages ago. Unfortunately, this obstructs their work in school or office, disrupts their concentration, and makes them lag behind.
4. Increased Blood Pressure
This is one of the long-term negative effects that constant anxiety can have on our bodies. Your body goes into a fight or flight mode, which increases the adrenaline and cortisol in the system.
When this happens in frequency and for years, it can eventually cause serious health problems like high blood pressure.
5. Breathing Problems
If anxiety is not treated in time, the number of panic attacks can increase. This can cause heart palpitations regularly, which leads to breathing problems.
Studies have discovered that these breathing problems can also cause heart disease in later years.
Get Help Today!
If you are someone dealing with anxiety, you should get the required help today itself.
It is never too late to talk to a professional, and you should not fall into societal stigmas or personal stigmas.
There is nothing to be ashamed of when mental health problems are not in your control. However, getting the right help at the right time can help you avoid some serious health issues.
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