£16m funding for trusts to introduce digital prescribing

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced 16 NHS trusts across England will receive a share of £16 million to introduce electronic prescribing.
The funding is being introduced to help trusts replace paper-based systems, with an aim to support the entire NHS become digital for prescribing by 2024.
In September 2020, the third wave as part of a £78 million million programme, awarded £8.7 million to 7 NHS trusts. Previously 13 trust were announced to receive a share of £16 million in wave one, and £29.4 million was provided as part of wave two of the funding programme last year.

Dr Paul Curley, Deputy Medical Director and Chief Clinical Information Officer at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which received £1.6 million in 2018, said: “At The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust we successfully implemented eMeds, our ePMA system. eMeds has revolutionised prescribing and improved medicines safety across the trust, and a number of benefits have been realised including high staff satisfaction levels, greater visibility of prescriptions and reduced prescribing errors.”
“We deployed eMeds at significant pace across 3 hospital sites in 10 months, against a planned implementation period of 24 months. We believe that our ePMA project has been one of our most successful implementations ad was driven by the objective of clinical improvement. It was completed only months before the COVID-19 pandemic and so was hugely beneficial for our overall response.”
The 16 NHS trusts receiving the funding

NHS trust

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Trust

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

Medway NHS Foundation Trust

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

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